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Supercharge your referral pipeline. Prspctr is a one-stop app based solution for sending referrals and rewarding prospectors.

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What is Prspctr?

Prspctr makes it simple for anyone to send leads to your organization and for you to reward them. They simply capture the information instantly; from anywhere using your custom app on their phones in seconds.

It's Yours

Prspctr is branded specifically for your organization. Your prospectors will download your unique referral platform from iTunes and Google Play.


Incentivize with points they can use like cash on over 40,000 products from gift cards to bicycles and leave the fulfillment to us.


Just snap a picture, or jot a note, or tag a location and submit. That’s it! You define what you wish to capture.


Dive deep into your data to extract valuable insights. See who your top performers are.

Incentivize and Reward

Prspctr will reward points so your users can earn actual products from our catalog of over 40,000 items. We take care of the fulfillment automatically!

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  • Report and Reward
    Using the Prspctr dashboard, administrators can quickly see who their top prospectors are. Export data and reward your prospectors using the built-in fulfillment platform.

  • Everyone
    With our platform anyone can send you leads to earn incentives for your organization. Prspctr provides an enterprise grade solution to reward them for their efforts with zero hassle on your end for fulfillment.

  • Promotions
    Setup up seasonal promotions and incentives for double points periods or added time based incentives.

  • Communicate
    Direct communication with your Prospectors in real time to collaborate on submissions or even send out rich promotional notifications across your entire organization.

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